A Conversation with Nate Fortin, SVP of Design, About Evernote's New Feature, Home

April 28, 2021

Hello, and welcome to Getting More Done With Evernote, Episode 016.

In this episode

I’m your host, Ray Sidney-Smith, Evernote user since 2009, Evernote Certified Consultant and Evernote Regional Leader for North America. As you can imagine, I love Evernote. And, with Getting More Done With Evernote, I hope to help everyone love Evernote, or at least enjoy digital note-taking, a little more with each episode.

I invited Nate Fortin, Senior Vice President of Design at Evernote, back to discuss the design decisions behind Evernote's newest feature release, Home. As Nate noted, Home in Evernote is "just the start." Enjoy the conversation!

That’s all for now. To learn more and follow me please visit gettingmoredonewithevernote.com. I’m Ray Sidney-Smith, Evernote Certified Consultant, and host of Getting More Done With Evernote. Here’s to your productive life.

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